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Industry Affiliations

Some of Our Friends in Aviation

In our years in the aviation sector, Innovative Wings Inc. has built special relationships with certain premier manufacturers. With multiple builds and countless maintenance, upgrade and repair jobs under our belt, our company possesses unique experience and talent that has been rewarded with the allocation of Preferred Builder status. By choosing a Preferred Builder such as ourselves, you can rest assured that your aircraft or project is in the best possible hands. We perform regular maintenance on various models and configurations of aircraft in our Preferred Builder category. Our facility also develops and installs highly customised adaptations to these aircraft, giving us an intricate understanding of your aircraft’s design and operation. If considering a complete build, our large facility has all the necessary (often unique) tools required for our affiliated aircraft manufacturers. We have usually built at least one of every model and boast several flying examples of the most popular kits.

Lancair Canada

Innovative Wings has teamed up with Lancair Canada to offer complete purchase, build and service solutions for potential Lancair owners. Through this partnership Innovative Wings can provide new kits direct from Lancair Canada, ready to be fully assembled in-house by the Innovative Wings team. Servicing and upgrades are also handled fully in-house. Also available to US customers!

Lancair Assembly


Innovative Wings has recently teamed up with Pipistrel and Pipistrel Canada in anticipation of the new Panthera, which promises to be an industry-changing aircraft. Kits are available for all Pipistrel models and are fully assembled at the Innovative Wings facility in Calgary, AB. After completion, servicing and upgrades are again handled fully in-house.

Pipistrel Assembly

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