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Pipistrel is Innovative Wings Inc.’s newest preferred build partner. With orders flying in for Pipistrel’s game-changing Panthera aircraft, our team has been hard at work making provisions for our first kit build. For those interested in one of Pipistrel’s other amazing offerings, our build centre is fully equipped for all aspects of your build.




Innovative Wings and Pipistrel Canada are now taking enquiries and orders for Panthera builds and builder assistance. For those looking for a complete product, Innovative Wings can arrange the purchase, assembly, testing and inspections of your new aircraft. For customers in the US who are subject to the 51% rule, Innovative Wings (based in Canada) has the ability to complete your build while meeting the requirements of US regulation.

Lightweight Aircraft, Moto-Gliders and Gliders

Pipistrel use the same high quality composites throughout their model range. Each design, whether aircraft or glider, features best in class aerodynamics for ultimate efficiency. Through our collaboration with Pipistrel and Pipistrel Canada we are equipped to build, service and upgrade all Pipistrel designs. We can assist with everything from initial build through to engine and avionics installs and finishing. Our team are equipped to perform regular maintenance, repairs, annual inspections and upgrades to your aircraft.

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