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From initial consultation to first flight and beyond, Innovative Wings Inc. will help you every step of the way. From our Springbank Airport facility, we will custom build your complete aircraft. With our own hangar, composites ‘clean room’, machine shop, avionics lab and parts office, Innovative Wings takes care of your build 100% in-house.

Our Capabilities

At Our Disposal


3750 sq ft Hangar Workshop

Located in Springbank Airport, Calgary (CYBW), our large hangar has capacity for concurrent projects.


Fully Trained Staff

Our staff were trained in aviation through dedicated courses run by Colleges, Universities and other training institutions throughout the world. We have a broad spectrum of skills and years spent in the aviation sector, all at your disposal.


Dedicated Machine Shop

Our machine shop features milling, drilling and lathe equipment with the capability of manufacturing complex steel, aluminium, titanium and alloy products.


Dedicated Composites ‘Clean Room’

Our hangar features a separate composite layup area with capacity for carbon fibre, glass fibre and other specialist materials. We are experienced with traditional wet layups as well as vacuum bagging and plastics vacuum forming.


Dedicated Spray Bay

From our spray room we have the ability to paint and detail small components and parts.


Avionics Lab

Our avionics department and on-site avionics lab will create the panel and systems that you desire. We are distributors for many leading avionics brands such as Garmin, Dynon, MGL and Electronics International. Your avionics / electronics suite is custom made for you by us.


Our Own Parts Shop

We strive to have all the products we commonly use in stock and on-site. By doing so, we can maximise your build efficiency. We also carry many of the products we distribute in stock. With many unique projects under out belt, we also have a bazaar of specialist parts you probably won’t find anywhere else!


CAD Office (Autodesk & Alibre)

For the times when specialist parts are required, Innovative Wings can design and draft many parts in-house. We use only the best software, including Autodesk and Alibre design packages, as well as many specialist aviation programs.


Build Manager Assists with ALL Documentation

Whether Canadian, US or International paperwork, the documentation associated with a new aircraft can often be confusing. With many new builds to our name, we are experienced with the paperwork associated with registering your aircraft.


Financial & Insurance Advice

Aviation can be an expensive hobby! In the true spirit of experimental aviation, we strive to get you the best deal on any parts or equipment you require. We are also happy to share our years of experience in aviation to recommend providers of insurance and other necessities.

Check out our aviation based ramblings and get FREE builder advice on Facebook!

Check out our aviation based ramblings and get FREE builder advice on Facebook!

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