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One-off components for any part of your aircraft

Bespoke Composites, Metalwork or Mechanical Components

With powerful design packages and a hangar full of specialist tools, Innovative Wings Inc. can custom manufacture many specialist parts in-house.


At Our Disposal


With the help of state-of-the-art software suites such as Alibre and Autodesk as well as an array of aviation specific software, we are well equipped to design everything from new instrument panels to turbine exhaust systems.

General Engineering

Our highly trained team is constantly asked to assist in projects both inside and outside of aviation. With our hangar and vast array of equipment, we can turn our hand to almost any engineering project. In the past, we have performed custom carbon fibre work for drag bikes, built parts for competitive off-road vehicles and even built kit cars. Whatever your project, run it past us first. We may be able to help!

Specialist Manufacturing and Outsourcing

With a huge range of specialist tools at our disposal, many of the parts you require can be built by us on-site. For more complex parts, we have a fantastic working relationship with many specialised manufacturing houses in the area. This combination of in-house and outsourced manufacture means your parts will be of the highest quality, built quickly and reasonably priced.

Check out our aviation based ramblings and get FREE builder advice on Facebook!

Check out our aviation based ramblings and get FREE builder advice on Facebook!

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