SU29 Sukhoi

This SU29 Sukhoi suffered from an engine out due to a fuel system failure and was landed off field on a gravel road. Unfortunately, the plane veered off the road into a ditch and took out 3 fence posts with its right wing eventually ending up on its nose.

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Innovative Wings Inc. assisted with the recovery of the aircraft. The post recovery inspection we performed for the insurance company revealed that repairs were required on the right wing leading edge and that the engine would need to be rebuilt. We then set about performing the needed repairs.

The Build

During the recovery the wing was removed and then once in the hanger the engine was removed and sent away to be rebuilt. During the course of the repairs the owner decided to upgrade the avionics, the fuel system and the smoke system. Innovative Wings Inc. completed the repairs and upgrades, reinstalled the rebuilt and upgraded engine and then turned the Sukhoi loose with its excited owner at the controls. The aircraft exceeded all expectations in climb and speed performance.

The Outcome

Span 26.9ft
Empty Weight 1690lbs
Gross Weight 2690lbs
Fuel Capacity 45Gal
Range 648+NM
Power 420HP
Max Speed 238+Kts
Cruise Speed 175+Kts
Rate of Climb 3600+Fpm