Lancair IV-PT (Walter)

This was Innovative Wings first Lancair IV-PT

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This Lancair IV-PT was the fourth aircraft to come out of Innovative Wings Inc.’s hanger. It flys great and is very smooth.

The Build

This Lancair IV-PT was started using the Lancair factory two week Builder Assist Program to get the wings, horizontal stab, and control surfaces closed up, the windows installed and a good start on the wing to body fairings. Then the plane was moved to Innovative Wings Inc. facilities to be completed. The results speak for themselves.

The Outcome

Span 35.5ft
Empty Weight 2140lbs
Gross Weight 4400lbs
Fuel Capacity 160Gal
Range 1000+NM
Power 720SHP
Max Speed 320+Kts
Cruise Speed 300+Kts
Rate of Climb 4,000+Fpm