We are aircraft lovers just like you! With backgrounds in everything from Commercial and Military Aviation, to our fondness of RC Models, we really do thrive on aviation! But don’t take our word for it, here are just a few of the kind words from out many returning customers over the years!

“A life ago, a dream of mine left unfulfilled until a time That want and search combined revealed Silly men who feel the past not just recalled but relived And touched and heard and felt A small deposit they held until such time, their work was through A crate traversed the ocean blue and found me filled with hopes and fears Airframe, wires, spars and gears, I had no clue the toil and years To make this thing a sight to see and thus complete my fantasy “These parts don’t fit” my builders say. “We’ll have to find another way” The shop replies it’s in the book, just take another look and you’ll see. It’s right there on page fifty three. “We’ve done it before, we’re sure you can.” Though it makes no sense to an able man. My builders do the best they can. Forget about the factory plan, we’ll use our skills to craft this right. It’ll take more time but we’ll make it fit for flight. And now we wait with bated breath. Poking and prodding, looking so slow. Where’s the report? No more delay. All the paperwork’s due today. The electrics work, the nuts all there, safety wire is good, nav lights glow. A couple of things left to show and the inspector proclaims “She’s good to go” She’s bled me dry. To hell with it. The bleeding’s not done yet. I’ll pay this cost, no fuss or fret. What price tag dreams when I live in it? And I can boast with pomp and grit when others query, ‘I fly a Spit!’?”
Harold Line, Spitfire Pilot.

“My Legend is around $120/hr, goes faster and is more fun! In 1,500hrs the only scheduled maintenance was 3 oil changes! Homebuilt is the way to go. It’s superior technology over certified aircraft and offers way more performance for your dollar. And it won’t cost an arm and a leg in operating costs because you don’t have to buy certified parts which, typically, are 300 – 2,000% more expensive.”
Marty Abbbott, CF-104 Pilot Ret.