Supermarine Spitfire

The 90% Supermarine Spitfire Project rolled off the Innovative Wings production line in August 2011. With extensive modification required to the standard kit, this was one of our most challenging yet enjoyable builds to date. Having seen the owners reaction to his new aircraft, this little beauty was worth every late night and extra hour!

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Kit #69 came to Innovative Wings Inc. after a brief start to the build was accomplished by a frustrated builder and owner. Once here it was easy to see why. With our skilled employees, work was able to continue on this challenging project.

The Build

From simple modifcations such as making the fuel tank fit and refitting body panels to more complex updates such as the custom Spitfire blade style control stick, there were many a day of head scratching. Almost 2 years after the project came into the shop, it now has 3 hours on the engine and is awaiting the first high speed taxi tests and flight testing. A very pleased owner is extremely excited to get it into the air.

The Outcome

Span 27.5ft
Empty Weight 1399lbs
Gross Weight 2000lbs
Fuel Capacity 32Gal
Range 525+NM
Power 320HP
Max Speed 193+Kts
Cruise Speed 145+Kts
Rate of Climb 2000+Fpm