Nemesis NXT Turbine

The Garrett Legend has a special place in the hearts of the Innovative Wings team. The original Walter aircraft was the first official build for company founder Shane Daly. Sporting a 400+Kt Garrett turbine, C-GUTT is our flagship aircraft and the fastest single engine turbine in the world!.


The Garrett Legend started off as our first Walter Legend. After a few years of flying, the owner decided more power was in order. Eventually, a suitable engine was found in the US and the project took off!

The Build

The engine mount started came from a Merlin and was modified to fit the Legend airframe. The more powerful Garrett TPE-331-10 engine is actually 50lbs lighter than the Walter but with it’s gearbox in front of the engine, the weight and balance remained relatively similar. Some modifications to the lower cowl provided the Garrett with all the cold air it needs. In the interest of more reliability and maintenance access, the firewall forward equipment was rearranged.

The Outcome

Span 30ft
Empty Weight 2400lbs
Gross Weight 4100lbs
Fuel Capacity 160Gal
Range 1000+NM
Power 1070SHP
Max Speed 400+Kts
Cruise Speed 350+Kts
Rate of Climb 10,000+Fpm