Lancair Service and Customisation


Innovative Wings has been working with Lancair aircraft since 2001. In this time we have worked with most Lancair designs. Our experience includes both piston and turbine builds/conversions on pressurised and non-pressurised kits using fixed and retractable systems. Our facility is equipped to accept all current Lancair kits such as the Evolution and Legacy but can also accommodate any existing kits such and the IV, IV-P(T), ES, ES-P 235 320 and 360.


Innovative Wings Inc. is a turbine specialist. We have conversion kits available for most Lancair models, utilising various turbine designs. However, if your goal is maximum performance using a piston design, we can help with the installation and/or upgrade of both Lycoming and Continental engines. Customised engine mounts, wiring looms and improved exhaust systems…we can do it all! We also offer service options for most engine types.


We love composites! Innovative Wings Inc. has two full time airframes specialists on staff to deal with any customisation or repair your Lancair could ever need. Some of airframe services we offer include: aerofoil optimising, flap hinge flush-mounting, custom intakes, airframe strengthening and composite repair. During servicing, your airframe can be inspected with any high stress areas being preventatively strengthened to stop hairline cracking before it happens.


Innovative Wings Inc. can offer fully customised avionics packages for any Lancair aircraft. Our in-house avionics department is experience with major glass cockpit manufacturers such as Garmin, Dynon, EI and MGL. Traditional instruments can also be fitted as either primary or secondary systems. Certified and experimental equipment can be provided, with all wiring and fitting done by us personally.


Part of the joy of building your own aircraft is in making it truly yours. Innovative Wings Inc. can help with any personal touch or role specific upgrade you require. Some of the upgrades we have added to customer Lancairs include: Extended range tanks, pressurisation conversions, landing gear upgrades/redesigns and interior personalisation.