Lancair Assembly


Innovative Wings has been working with Lancair aircraft since 2001. In this time we have worked with most Lancair designs. Our experience includes both piston and turbine builds/conversions on pressurised and non-pressurised kits using fixed and retractable systems. Our facility is equipped to accept all current Lancair kits such as the Evolution and Legacy but can also accommodate any existing kits such and the IV, IV-P(T), ES, ES-P 235 320 and 360.


Innovative Wings Inc. and Lancair Canada are now taking enquiries and orders for Evolution builds and builder assistance. For those looking for a complete product, Innovative Wings can arrange the purchase, assembly, testing and inspections of your new aircraft. For customers in the US who are subject to the 51% rule, Innovative Wings (based in Canada) has the ability to complete your build whilst meeting the requirements of US regulation. This 300kt PT-6 powered four-place is the epitome of kit built high performance, get yours now!


If Lancair’s sporty two-seater is the aircraft of your dreams, Innovative Wings and Lancair Canada can get you into the air quickly! The Legacy kit is a favourite of many builders and for good reason. The choice of Lycoming or Continental engines provides ample, reliable power for this sleek airframe to hit 240 kts and break the 1000nm barrier. This airframe looks BEAUTIFUL! With Lancair’s exceptional build quality and comprehensive kits, it’s not hard to see why so many aviators flock to this little pocket rocket.


Any turbine powered Lancair IV built in Canada has come through our shop. 3 out of the 4 Lancair IV’s currently in Canada are based out of our home airport and are modified and/or regularly serviced by our team. Duties include annual inspections to full one-off turbine conversions like our Garrett and Walter projects. The Garret project is good for over 320kts ane is one of only 4 in the world! Also of note is our Lancair 320 Turbine conversion featuring an Allison 250 and