Turbine Glasair Super IIS

This turbine Powered Glassair is the only Glasair Super IIS powered by a turbine in the world!

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The Turbine Glasair project originally started out to be a piston powered tail-dragger, but opportunity presented a suitable turbine engine and the project made an abrupt right turn.

The Build

The engine is a Rolls Royce 250-C20 producing 420 hp. Originally set up to be used in a helicopter, we inverted the engine and converted it to the turboprop configuration. The project progressed at a slow, but steady pace as parts and equipment were located. In the end the plane became one of the most enjoyable aircraft to fly of any of the aircraft Innovative Wings Inc. has built to date.

The Outcome

Span 27.3ft
Empty Weight 1600lbs
Gross Weight 2900lbs
Fuel Capacity 90Gal
Range 850+NM
Power 420SHP
Max Speed 250+Kts
Cruise Speed 230+Kts
Rate of Climb 6,000+Fpm