Engines / Conversions

Whether your interests lie with piston or turbine aircraft, Innovative Wings has the knowledge and experience to help. We can build, mount and even source your ideal means of propulsion.

  • Turbines
    Innovative Wings Inc. specialises in high performance turbine builds. Over the years we’ve been trusted with several Turbine Legend projects, an aircraft considered by many, to be the pinnacle of experimental high performance aircraft!
  • Pistons
    Our expertise does not end with turbines. We have regular interaction with leading piston manufactures such as Lycoming and Continental. Whether an engine upgrade or complete installation, we can usually help. In true experimental spirit, we have utilised many unusual power plants. From the well tested waters of Subaru and VW installations to more unusual two-stroke options, we have done it all!
  • Turbine Conversions
    One of our most popular requests is a full turbine conversion. Being a turbine specialist, we are the ideal candidate to convert your piston aircraft to a high performance turbo-prop.
  • Upgrades & Servicing
    Whether your engine came from us or not, we can usually help with any upgrades or repairs you have in mind. Get in touch with us and let us know your plans.