Electrics / Avionics

Our Avionics Technician, Wendell, is a graduate of NAIT’s Avionics Engineering Technology program. Wendell specialises in both retrofits and new installations.

  • Electrics
    We can facilitate any aircraft electrical needs. Whether it’s batteries, control surfaces or landing gears, we have probably done it before.
  • Radios
    Over the years we have installed many radios from the leading manufacturers. We have experience with both certified and uncertified units.
  • Instrumentation
    With the variety of projects passing through our hangers, we have installed both conventional and glass options. With many customers having specific requirements, we have fitted most types of instrumentation, certified or experimental.
  • Autoflight
    With autopilot units becoming ever more attainable for experimental aircraft, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of autopilot systems we install. We have experience with both separate units and integrated systems such as those featured in many glass instruments.