Once your build is complete, your build is still not complete! Paperwork, inspections, registration, and flight testing all have to be done.

  • Paperwork
    Innovative wings can help with all the paperwork necessary when building a homebuilt / experimental aircraft.
  • Inspections
    We oversee the inspection of ALL of the experimental aircraft we build. If any snags are identified, they are dealt with promptly to expedite your aircraft’s build.
  • Registration
    We can guide you through the process of registering your new aircraft. With a little bit of help this process can be dealt with swiftly, getting you the registration number you want.
  • Flight Testing
    We can help you arrange the flight testing of your new aircraft. Whether it’s initial testing at Springbank, your own turf or further afield, we can advise you on the procedures for getting your aircraft in the air.