Our qualified airframes structures engineers have spent years honing their skills at Innovative Wings. Bob and Paul are both graduates of SAIT’s Aircraft Structures program and specialise in high performance composite and metal airframes.

  • Composites
    We have the ability to construct airframes, wings and any other parts both structural and non structural. Our onsite layup room provides a contaminate free area to ensure the quality of out parts.
  • Metal
    We have experience with several manufacturers of metal aircraft kits and accessories. Have something specific in mind, let us know!
  • Wood / Fabric
    Although wood / fabric aircraft are getting less common, Innovative Wings can still help. We have worked on many historic and new build kits and have experience with Poly-Fibre covering systems as well as Poly-Tone and Aerothane Paints.
  • Repairs
    In 11+ years, we have seen almost every kind of dent, crack, break or rip….and fixed them all!