Some of the achievements of our 10+ years in aviation

  • 1) Featured on Wings Over Canada
    As Canada’s top Turbine builder, Innovative wings inc. was the host to Wings Over Canada’s Turbine Edition. During the program, Wings Over Canada sampled many of the turbine aircraft built by Innovative Wings Inc. including the 400+Kt Garrett Legend!
  • 2) Featured in Aviator Magazine
    Innovative Wings Inc. was featured in Aviator Magazine’s ‘Kitplane Contractors’ article. The article highlights the cost benefits of experimental aircraft built by Innovative Wings Inc. and the technology available to uncertified aircraft.
  • 3) Featured in the Calgary Herald
    The Calgary Herald interviewed Innovative Wings Inc. and Garrett Legend owner Marty Abbott in an article investigating the surge in home built aircraft and in particular the high performance turbine aircraft emerging from Innovative Wings Inc.’s Springbank Hangar.
  • 4) Winner of the Air Venture Cup 2010 and fastest aircraft 2011!
    During the 2010 Air Venture Cup, the Turbine Legend (Garrett Edition) built
    by Innovative Wings Inc. decimated the competition, finishing 100Kts faster than the closest competitor!
  • 5) Other claims to fame…
    To name a few, Innovative Wings Inc. is responsible for the Worlds Fastest
    Single Engine Turboprop Aircraft (experimental or otherwise). We built the
    worlds only turbine Glasair Super2-S as well as the only Canadian Garrett
    powered Lancair IV-PT. We are also assisting in the worlds first turbine
    powered NXT.