Turbine Conversions

Innovative Wings Inc. specialises in turbine conversions! Over the years we have fitted turbines to a wide variety of aircraft. From more conventional Legend (Walter) and Lancair projects to first conversion projects such as an NXT Turbine, we have the knowledge and experience necessary.

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Maintenance & Repair

Innovative Wings has a proven track record with the maintenance and repair of a wide variety of experimental aircraft. Our airframe engineers are skilled with composite, metal and wood structures. Our avionics department can efficiently find faults with existing equipment and assist with most system and software upgrades. Our facility also has the ability to service both automotive and aviation engines , including most turbines.

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Lancair Canada – Preferred Builder.

Innovative Wings Inc. A Lanaciar Canada Preferred Builder.

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Pipistrel Canada – Preferred Builder.

Innovative Wings Inc. A Pipistrel Canada Preferred Builder.

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Professional Aircraft Builders

Let Innovative Wings Inc. expertise motivate you to build the aircraft of your dreams.

Innovative Wings Inc. has spent over 10 years building and maintaining experimental aircraft. From consultation and planning right through to documentation, inspection and flight testing, Innovative Wings Inc. is there with you every step of the way. No job has ever been too big or too small. We are equally at home maintaining your single seat aircraft as we are building a fully pressurized turbine or jet aircraft.

We are your one stop source for experimental aircraft builder assist services. We can expertly provide for all your aircraft building and maintenance needs.
Our staff are knowledgeable and experienced in the construction of experimental aircraft of every type and design. We will guide you in the right direction to build your aircraft the way you want it.

Don’t know where to start? Take the time to tour our website then contact us with any questions regarding the aircraft you are dreaming of.

Builder assist, complete build and anywhere in between!

Whether you’re building your own aircraft or want your dream aircraft professionally built for you, Innovative Wings Inc. can help. Our Springbank Hangar facility has provisions for customers to have full access and control of their build. You can tackle as little or as much of your project as you feel comfortable with. Our qualified staff are available for any assistance or advice.

For customers in the US, where the 51% rule prohibits outside completions, WE CAN HELP! Give us a call and we can discuss your options.


Innovative Wings Inc. provides services to help you maintain your aircraft to airworthiness standards. Whether it’s a full annual inspection or a simple maintenance item, we can help you to get the job done right and in a timely manner.


Are you dreaming of more power or that latest piece of avionics tech that would fill the empty space on the panel? Or maybe you want to replace your old steam gauges with one of today’s latest glass panel systems. Innovative Wings Inc. can help you to realize those dreams. We have the experience and expertise to make you plane everything you want it to be.